17 December 2009

Girls Talk - Christmas Decoration

It's Thursday again! And why am I excited? Well, I get to talk to my blog sisters! Yehey!

This week's theme is my favorite. It's about Christmas decorations. Although our Christmas 2009 is a bit subdued compared to last year when money abound (hehehehe!!). Every year, I make it a point to change color motif and design for our Christmas tree. Last year it was red and gold combination. This year, my family decided to focus on blue and silver. So, this goes without saying that our tree is decked with blue and silver ornaments. However, the Holiday table pieces are still the same: Santa, Angel and Snowman.


  1. buti ka pa may decor. hee hee.

    sa meycauayan din ako lumaki. i spent almost 13 years of my life din dun :)

    salamat pla sa compliment sa template ni niks! *hugs*

  2. i only have three colors for Christmas.. green, red and white. but i saw a pink ornaments in one christmas tree in one blog.. it was very beautiful.

  3. Well I had plans to change the motif of my christmas but on second thought I guess I better stick with the previous decors hehehe its so crowded in the mall and its too tiring to go there at all aist mine is up and its here http://www.mjoannafaith.com/2009/12/gt-christmas-decor.html thanks


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