10 December 2009

Girls Talk - Christmas List

This Christmas is a different one compared to the previous Christmases we have had in the past. I honestly don't have anyone nor anything in my Christmas Wish List.

I am singing a different tune this year because of the ongoing recession. I just feel a wee guilty about spending much when the budget is tight and the world is going through a rough time. Although I have few gifts under our Christmas Tree this time of the year, I will still have something special for the people close to my heart.


  1. hi ria, ok lang yan kahit walang list. basta in good health lang tayo and happy with our family.

    oo nga, i heard na umpisa na ang recession jan sa dubai. malaki daw kasi ang financial debt ng dubai sa world bank ba un. ambilis kasi ng development nila and ang laki pa ng expenses.. that's what i heard. i dunno kung true.

    hope you won't get affected too much by it though. God bless!

  2. Well, when the budget is tight, so be it. No point of spending extra to make someone happy if you yourself will be sad the day after Christmas. I can relate to what you feel. As long as I have something for my kids, I will be cool!



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