01 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

The Christmas air is here, silently announcing the arrival of the holiday season. It is time to put up the Christmas decors and everything related to the Yuletide season.

Winter season here is rather short. One would even barely notice its passing if not for the cold breeze on your face and the longer nights. Last week, we put up our artificial Christmas tree. It is the only one we can have since we live in a very hot and humid region in this part of the globe. It is for that reason that we cannot put up real christmas trees much as our hearts desire it. The trees must be able to survive the climate here in the Middle East so they can carry on until New Year's.

I am really fascinated with live christmas trees. I enjoy seeing Christmas photos sent by our families and friends in the US specially when they are next to their real Christmas trees. I imagine the fresh scent of these trees filling their abode. It must be wonderful!

I am so tempted to get a real one this time and check out the christmas tree delivery service if I have the tree shipped here in the Middle East. I have yet to try it though and see if the live tree will withstand the humid conditions of this country.

Oh well, it is not bad to dream of having a real Christmas tree this time. We may not have a real one now but who knows. Maybe in few years time, we will be celebrating our white Christmas in the US with our very own real Christmas tree.

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