10 December 2009

The Trees of Christmas

Christmas brings forth good tidings and warm feelings. Adding more fun to that jovial spirit are the gift-giving, holiday festivities and the decorations.

One of my favorite Christmas decorations are the Christmas Trees. A Christmas Tree adds that special feeling of warmth and coziness to a home. There are a wide variety to choose from pertaining to ones preference. There are real ones, artificial, white and even some made from indigenous materials like corn husks. I have seen some in my home country and they are just lovely!

Artificial Christmas Trees these days are a far cry from what we used to have when I was young. The artificial Christmas Trees we used to put up were so simple. They were made of plastic and the needles were the tinsels. Although I see them as pretty but the leaves were not enough to cover the branch so you could see the mid-section. They were like malnourished Christmas Trees even when they were decked with ornaments. However, there has been a remarkable evolution on the presentation of artificial Christmas Trees in the modern times. You can now get wide-bodied Christmas Trees, slim or narrow-bodied Christmas Trees, realistic evergreen colored ones, White Christmas Trees, decked with real pine cones on the PVC branches, some with clear or colored lights, some even rotates on their stands, two or three-tone green needles, different colored Christmas Trees other than the usual evergreen or white, foldable branches for easy storage, Christmas Trees with frosted needles and very huge Christmas Trees! The choices are plenty. The quality is superb and the presentation these days is almost believable. You cannot make out if they are artificial or not because they look realistic.

So, no matter what your preference is regarding Christmas Trees. I am sure that you will find something that you will love and eagerly take home to decorate.


  1. wala kaming christmas tree dito sa haus. gusto ko sana bumili ng live pine tree and decorate it kaso pupunta naman kami ng london sa 21 so parang di rin magagamit. cguro, next year na lang. hehe!

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