31 December 2009

The Year That Was and The Year That Will Be

I welcomed 2009 with big, open arms but was disappointed as the year wore off. I am not saying that my 2009 started on a wrong footing. As a matter of fact, the beginning of 2009 was promising for us. We spent the holidays with our love ones back in the Philippines. We applied for our USA visa for the first time and got approved. My brother's employer gave him a chance to work full time in their company. And I established good blogging relationships with new bloggers who later on became my online-sisters cum buddies.

2009 didn't really start to disappoint me until the recession took a nose dive sometime mid of the year. Our company did not give us increment in lieu of our job securities. We did not get our bonus for the exemplary performance we gave for the previous year. However, despite the lack of monetary award, we have our jobs. That is a blessing in itself.

A lot of misfortune happened this year. Many calamities hit my motherland. A lot of people perished. And now, Mount Mayon is showing its natural force! Are there more to come before the year ends?

My heart ached for this year's misfortunes and misgivings of people I trust and close to my heart. I feel bereft of anything except for the flicker of hope that is 2010. The recession is still on. But I hope that tiny shimmer of hope does not wane as I enter the new year ahead.

I am praying for everybody and not just for myself and my family. I am praying that the coming year will bring us good tidings and peace. Please join me in this solemn prayer I wrote:

Dear God,

We thank you for the year that was and the year that will be. We know the trials before us are something to prepare us to strengthen our faith.

We pray that You will guide us through 2010 with big hopes and belief that all these will come to an end. Help us detach ourselves from earthly possessions which hinder us from accepting all the harsh realities. Let us grow in our faith and hope with your loving grace.

We know it will be tough but with You on our side, we will get through this. We will believe that there is hope in everything as long as we pray with sincerity.

Thank you dear God for the lessons we learned this year and prepare us to learn more with a better discernment and bigger faith as 2010 approaches.

We believe. Amen.


  1. I am confident that the coming year will give you the good news. We hope that these changes will benefit each of you, and the harsh realities would be left behind.

  2. Well, I am thinking of the various changes happen to me this year. Well, those changes were made by me. That's a huge difference.


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