23 January 2010

Baby Blankets

Most of my pregnant friends and family member already gave birth last year. So far, 2 of them took me as their godmother. So, the gift-giving begins!

I have been safe with my choices for gift ideas especially for babies because most of the times, the mothers have the other necessities their baby will need. Some are hand-me-downs and some are gifts from baby showers. Although with a baby blanket, you cannot go wrong. It is used all the time to warm the baby. It is used to cover them from the elements. It can be used as a baby cot's bedding as long as it is tucked properly. A baby blanket has just too many uses which makes it a great gift.

I found this site about blankets for babies which I think is a cool and great gift idea. Li'l Inspirations is a web shop which caters to baby and toddler blanket. What's more special than giving these new moms some personalized blankets which are really fabulous? That personalized touch will make the recipient feel really special.


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