01 January 2010

Cozy Shoes

Having a wide and flat feet is quite troublesome for me. I love to walk around on flat shoes but cannot last for few hours because my feet ache so bad. I tried using ballet shoes and they ached more. I tried using the ubiquitous gel shoes and somehow they worked. However, it will not be possible for me to wear those comfortable gel shoes due to the cold weather condition. I will definitely not only have sore feet; I will probably even have cold feet! That is not good for my flat feet. Neither do I want to have frostbite! I am sure that will certainly hurt my feet.

I have several boots, high-heeled and flat ones, to complement the seasonal changes here in Dubai. My boots are not meant for snow though if I decide to go to a snowy place. So, I checked around and found this rather cozy-looking shoes called ugg. My nieces in the US have several pairs of them and showed me how comfortable they were and suggested I too should get a pair. Actually, not just a pair but several that will go with my lifestyle and the kind of weather here in the Middle East. The shoes may look big but they are warm, comfortable, soft and even light to wear.

I will probably check out the ugg boots in the US on our next visit soon. I hope to be able to strike a good deal on the ugg boots sale in the stores and buy a pair for my daughter as well.


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