27 January 2010

Girls Talk - First BF

Thank goodness, this is the last of the "First" theme of January's Girl's Talk. I hope it will be a different tune next month. I had palpitations! Tiny beads of sweat trickle down my forehead each time I turn a post here. LOL! Just kidding! My hubby is not the jealous type and besides, this is my past and we will leave it where it should be.

My first BF experience was more of a mutual-understanding kind of relationship. We were first year in high school. He was my classmate and a childhood friend. We went to the same school in elementary and were classmates at one point. Then I had to move to the suburbs and next time I knew it, he was in my high school class. We clicked right away.

No naming here because our siblings are good pals up to now. It was a platonic relationship but we knew we "liked" each other. Although we were never exclusive, everybody in school knew we were an item. Ahhhhh, the joys and thrills of being young ;)

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  1. i hear sighs of relief all over the blogosphere. LOL. nice ah. ako din no (last) names. niahehehe

  2. Most friends I know really started that way. With mutual understanding. Great post. A very light read.

  3. Karamihan ng nababasa ko 1st boyfriend nila nun HS hehe, parang akong lang nun college :| parang late bloomer ata ako hehehe anyway it's nice naman to be friends with your ex lalo na kung maganda naman yun paghihiwalay. Ako naman yun sis ko medyo close sila ni ex hehe.

  4. Such a sweet story ;)
    I love this line: "Although we were never exclusive, everybody in school knew we were an item. " Once i had that one with a classmate in high school too :D

  5. na kumpleto mo ba lahat ng GT this month ria? ako, unfortunately hindi. hehhe!

    ako naman, i had my first and last BF when i was in college. but i did have a big crush in high school. too bad we didn't get the chance to know each other better due to some "circumstances". LOL! sayang ano, di ko nakwento... maybe next time. LOL!


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