07 January 2010

Girl's Talk - First Crush

This month's theme is quite intriguing as I reminisce my childhood days. Much as I want to keep Pandora's Box closed for all eternity, I may just have to take a peek and share my "firsts" to my sisters here. *wink!!!

My first crush was Henry Thomas. You know, that cute, freckled boy who starred in Extra Terrestrial way back in the 80's? I was still in elementary then and I remembered watching E.T for the millionth time and memored every dialogue in the scenes. Then I remembered bugging my mom to take me to Rustan's in Cubao to buy special stickers to put in my album and they were all about E.T. and the casts. I went to the extreme of writing Universal Studios asking about his address and expressing my "love and affection" to Henry. I guess my letter never reached him. Otherwise, we could have been married! LOL!!!

Elliott ( Henry Thomas ) in Universal's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Isn't he a cutie?

(Photo credit: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800020156/photo/242497)


  1. ooohh.. he is :D

    which reminds me, i have to go and get a copy of that as I've seen it only once in my life and I wanna see it again :D

  2. Tapang! haha sana nakarating no LOL.. ako din sumulat kay Nick Carter haha

    Make or Break

  3. I wonder where Henry Thomas is now... lemme Google :)

  4. di ako mkamove on.. sobrang di ko kinaya tong entry mo sis!!! sulatan pa tlga?? and all that crazy stuff.. hindi na to crush.. haahah more than crush na tlga!!!

    eh nasan na ba to si henry thomas??? parang di ko sya kilala.. i have to read wikipedia. :)

    thanks for always joining GT sis ha.. see u nxt week.. first date with henry thomas ba??? oiiii sino kaya ung maswerteng un ha.. heehe naexcite na ko

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