14 January 2010

Girls Talk - First Date

Ah, the joys of being young and in love and being young. Did I say being young twice? LOL! Well, this month's topic is making me nervous. I was not the kind of girl who went out on dates while still in school. I did have some fun here and there but I had my first official date when I was already in college.

My first date was with my ex-boyfriend whom my family didn't quite approve of. Come to think of it, I couldn't even remember where he treated me? I knew we had lunch date but I could not recall where.


  1. suppressed memories ba ito? haha! glad to read from you sis! :)

  2. Yun na yun? Bitin naman! :) I had my first dates, the flop and the real, college na din. Studies lang talaga nun highschool. :)

  3. oh, there, i thought i was alone who experienced this memory loss..

  4. yes you did mention being young twice!! LOl ka sis.. :)

    i wish i knew where he brought you.. kahit hint wla talga.. hahahah just like me congrats for being SAFE LOL hahahhah diba ang hirap magsulat pag may nagbbasang JOWA???? hahha

    miss you sis.. thanks for joining GT kahit lam ko suuuper busy ikaw jan..

    ingat lagi ha! mwah mwah

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