21 January 2010

Girls Talk - First Kiss

Why? Why? Why can't I say no to sis Niko on doing this? hehehe... Well, I want to be a good blogging friend and sis to her so I will commit to this month's theme. Hoping and praying my dear hubby does not read this. Oh heck, like I care! LOL! I'm sure he kissed other girls before me too ;)

Tiny beads of sweat trickles on my forehead as I type this post and sing Katy Perry's I kissed..blah...blah...blah. I try to wrack my head whether I'll wig my way out on this or not. Guess, Niko won! My take on Katy Perry's song will be "I kissed a jerk and I hate it!" LOL!!!

My first kiss was with a jerk! Who else but with my ex-bf and I won't say which one. Let's just say I am trying my best to get something out of a suppressed memory. And I'll leave it to that. ;)


  1. hmm.. no names. ayos! haha!

  2. hello. antagal ko din di nakabalik dito ah. kumusta na sis?

    my first kiss? yung bading na classmate ko nung 3rd year high school. hahaha.


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