30 January 2010

Stamping Away

I am hooked on scrapping and card-making at the moment. I barely have time to do other stuff I used to do prior to these activities. I am not complaining about the tasks but if I can only have more than 24 hours in a day to do my craft activities, I will certainly love that.

A side job is in the board as I have been commissioned by my good friend to make her 4th baby's baptismal invitation and favors. I am so honored and thrilled to be doing this for her. This means, it is extra income for me and more time to spend for my craft.

I have been playing with the idea of creating an invitation using various media like stamping and die-cuts and 3D stickers. Although I am quite attracted to stamping. Since we will be spending a week in the US, probably I can ask my relatives to get me good rubbers stamps from Chicago Rubber Stamps. I can just request my cousins from Chicago to send it to my other aunt in LA to save me time.

Stamps made in the US are really durable and made of high quality. Aside from that, there are plenty of choices from inks to stamp pads to stamps and other accessories! The supplies for rubber stamps here in Dubai is very limited. I guess I will really have to get some in the US soon.


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