15 February 2010

Birthday Favor

My daughter just turned 12 today! She is so excited because she is handing out party favors to her classmates. Jokingly, I asked her, since when does a birthday celebrant give gifts? Isn't she supposed to get gifts and not give them? Well, I was just pulling her legs.

I love to give gifts so off I went to Ikea 2 weeks ago and bought those cute and small spice canister in pack of 4's. A set costs AED 9.00 so that is about US$ 2.50. Not bad I thought. She has 37 classmates and 5 extra teachers so I bought 11 and I got to keep 2 for my scrap trinkets!

Then last week, I took her to the supermarket so she could choose the yummy treats to put inside. We bought chocolates, heart candies (since her birthday falls a day after Valentine's), toffees, and Chupa Chups mini-lollipops in various flavors. We really had fun going around the sweets aisle and wished we could grab more.

I made small tags for her birthday favor with a handmade ice cream cone as embellishment. So cute! So yummy too!

I just dropped her to school a while ago and I can't wait to hear her story about the favors and if her classmates liked them. It is a functional birthday favor, I must say. Not only that you get some treats, you get to keep the container and put your what-have-you there. Also, the small tag can be used as a bookmark. Now, that's super functional! :)

Here are pictures of the favor and tags. Hope you liked them too. So next time you have kids who wants to give out party favors and you are pressed for time and on a tight budget, just take note of this. It won't burn a hole on your pocket.

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