14 February 2010

Clean Up Like Crazy

What does a dateless person do on a Valentine's Day while enjoying a much deserved rest and relaxation? Check Facebook? Play flash games? Walk the dog? Laundry? Press clothes? Sleep all day? Well, tempting as they may seem (they are honestly in my list of things to do for the whole week), I have to clean the house for the coming of spring!

I chanced upon some old clippings of diets that work stashed in my important documents file. I was surprised to see the dates on the articles I have clipped and printed. I realized how long I have been planning to put this weight loss goal in motion and always end up from scratch.

I am keeping the articles I printed for future reference. And when I say future, I hope that is the "near future." Meanwhile, I better get back to my cleaning duty before hubby comes home.

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