26 February 2010

A Different Cure

Addiction can be cured. There are ways to help the people we know who are suffering from this and alcohol rehabilitation is one of the treatment readily available to those who wish to be treated. Before I go further, how do we define addiction? Is it just about alcohol dependency or are there more?

The dictionary defines addiction as a form of dependency to a particular substance or being enslaved to a habit or psychologically or physically habit-forming like narcotics. It causes severe trauma to a person who is addicted to any of the above when practiced or withdrawal from the substance occurs.

We all have our own addiction. We may not know it but some of the little things we do or take form as addiction in a subtle and controllable way. For instance, drinking coffee every morning, checking emails and the Internet constantly, flicking our hair, chewing gum, tapping our legs while seated; those are ordinary and regular things we take and do. We can classify them as minor addiction which are all acceptable as long as it does not border being excessive. Intervention becomes necessary when it becomes excessive and damaging to someone's well-being.

We can curtail addiction through various means. Treatment and rehabilitation facilities are now established to address the issues of addiction. They are equipped to meet the needs of individuals suffering from addiction. The treatment can be from dual diagnosis treatment, counseling, rehabilitation, support groups, relapse prevention, and aftercare treatment.

Nothing can be more painful than to see someone we love suffer from the destructive means of addiction. As it leaves hurt, broken self-esteem and stress at its wake, addiction can be stopped without hurting the person we love. The road to recovery also starts from the individual and the full love and support of his or her family.

As I have mentioned earlier, addiction can be cured. Don't wait when it is too late. The moment you see patterns of detrimental practice and dependency to substances, seek help and save a life.

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