25 February 2010

Girls Talk - Me as a Lover

I am not sure how to describe myself as a lover without having to "blow my horn." This is as honest as I can get in my description.

I am a typical Piscean and as one, I love very deeply. Relationships for me are very important so I am very loyal.

I am sensitive and very passionate about many things and sometimes (unconsciously) I tend to smother my partner too much. My dear hubby does tell me to ease a bit when I overdo it because I also respect his own "space."

My love style is very conventional. I am a hopeless romantic.

What does my other blogging sisters have to say about themselves as Lovers? Want to find out? Head on to Niko's blog and have a good read.


  1. wow, hopeless romantic, it's really true. LOL.

    Sis, just want to inform you too that my blogging contest is extended until the 15th of March. Hopefully by then,i can get more participants.

    I have a new blog too,please visit and follow narin.

    thanks much


  2. naku parehas tayo sisterette. pag nagmahal isa lng ;)


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