04 February 2010

Girls Talk - My One True Love

I am so relieved that last month's very intriguing theme is over and our marriage is intact! LOL! Since it is the month of Love, Niko decided to make this month's theme about love and your love.

My true love is obvious because I am married to the guy. My hubby is the man I will be with for the rest of my life. He completes me. He tames my mood swings. He neutralizes my craziness. He supports me in everything I do and he believes in what I can do even if I doubt myself. He is the father of my princess, the man who provides roof over our heads and food on our table. He is the man of the house. He is my husband and he is my true love...

I wonder who's who amongst my blogger sisters? Head on to Niko's blog and read their revelations :)


  1. GOD is the source of all perfect Gift! Praise God for our partners..

  2. hello sis, dropping by, hope you can join my contest, It already started and will end on Feb. 28.



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