22 February 2010

Good Bye Lola

Lola was our spunky and fat guinea pig who was the other half of Git. Lola was a little ball of fuzzy fur when I bought her from a pet shop 4 years ago. She was small and afraid. She was 3 years old when she joined our Creator this morning. She now lives in heaven with her other babies.

It took me a while to break the news to my daughter who has been through the ordeal of losing her pet Sheepy on 28 July, 2008. This is a part of a pet-owners' experience - dealing with a loved pet.

We will all miss our fur ball named Lola. She was the naughtiest and bravest cavy we ever had. Git will miss you a lot Lola. Go and play in your heavenly meadows with your other kids now . You've brought so much joy in our lives and we will forever be grateful. We will always love you...

(Dec. 2006 - Feb. 22, 2010)


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about this girl. Condolence!

  2. Thanks sis Jade. We really love this furry ball and now she's gone...


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