07 February 2010

Health Nut - Great Breakfast Meals to Burn Fat

I am eager to weak skinny jeans once again. It will take time for me to lose the much needed weight so I have to incorporate a good exercise with my diet plan. When I say diet, that means eating properly and not skipping on any meals. And portion-controlled eating too.

Studies show that having these food as part of your breakfast can aid in burning fat. These food are: eggs, yogurt and cereals. Why does it have to be breakfast? Well, our morning meal is the most important meal of the day if you want to control your appetite and lose weight. Here are the reasons why these 3 food must be added in our breakfast meal:

Eggs: They contain protein which makes us full so it curbs our appetite.

Yogurt: Calcium-rich food which helps in inhibiting fat storage in our small intestines and aid in digestion.

Whole-grain Cereals: Rich in fibre. These cereals help control blood sugar level and lessen belly fat.

So, don't skip your breakfast! Eat healthy!

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