21 February 2010

Health Nut - No Aching Joints

I have reached that age (or must I say, I have reached the pinnacle of my weight dilemma!) where my joints are starting to ache a wee bit specially when it is cold or when I am on a stationary position for so long.

Back when I was slim, trim and very healthy, I did not feel any of these aching symptoms nora slight sensation. I noticed when I started piling the pounds, my joints started to ache and sometimes they ache so bad.

I went to the doctor to have my blood chem checked and it still registers as normal. However, the doc advised me to lose pounds because my weight is putting a burden on my joints. OK, simply put - I am fat!

Here is a juice which can give your joints certain comfort - Orange Juice. Yes, that OJ thing can give you the beta-cryptoxanthin which aids in reducing the risk of polyarthritis. Not only that, it is loaded with Vitamin C which is another important nutrient needed to have healthy joints.

So, get your juicers out and squeeze those oranges dry.

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  1. Naku sis ako nga sige rin ka ka OJ and carrot juice now:P need ko rin pumayat e:P


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