13 February 2010

The Insect Zoo

I only knew of animal zoo while I was growing up. There were few museums which cater to birds and insects. The present time has given plenty of opportunity for the younger generations with the creation of more museums housing several units on animals, aviary and the small insects.

O. Orkin Insect Zoo is a part of the Smithsonian's National Museum of History. It is a place where people can observe how the world of insects evolve. Visitors can witness live feedings of tarantula and like most petting zoos, some of the insects can be held and touched. This is a rare experience one will remember specially those who have the affinity for insects.

A visit to the Smithsonian's website will be beneficial too. The site offers tips on how to plan for your field trip. Resources are available for educators to share to their students. People who are into insects can also sign up as volunteers. For those who are pursuing Entomology or the study pertaining to insects, can further their knowledge and experience by signing up as an intern.

There is so many things to learn and see there. Visit the O. Orkin Insect Zoo at 10th Street and Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C. Schedule your trip soon and let your hungry mind feeds you information about the insect world.

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