08 February 2010

A Little Help

I am very thankful for having a daughter who shares the same passion as I have in arts and craft. I was commissioned to do my friend's baptismal invitation and party favors. I could use some help considering I don't have a die-cutting machine to aid me in my craft and will make cutting easier . However, my help comes in the form of the extra hands my daughter lends me to make things easier for me.

I have few weeks to go before the delivery date and I am glad I have my little help.


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  2. Yea: "With a little help from my friend......", what can go wrong?

    Btw; Thanks for the visit and nice comment - always great to see you!
    Glad I could show you a snowy Norwegian beach :-)

  3. So nice to have a helpful little girl. I like your blog design!


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