20 February 2010

Missing Your Pet?

I am a pet lover and my pets are not just four-legged creatures sharing a place in my home but they are part of the family. I will do everything I can to ensure that they are well cared, showered with love and treated as part of the family.

I am not surprised by how pet owners in the USA treat they precious furry buddies as one of the family members. They make sure that the animals are covered with health care and other benefits, receive their regular health and medical check ups and grooming. So, it comes as no surprise when a loved pet becomes "missing."

It is really great to know that there is a "missing pet alert" service in the US which can assist in locating lost pets. PetAmberAlert is a service which assists pet owners in helping find their pets. When the information is gathered from the pet owner by the Lost Pet Amber Alert, one of the staff will facilitate the process of spreading the information to animal shelters, veterinarians, groomers, animal control offices, media, police stations, pet shops and neighborhood watch volunteers. The posters containing information about the lost pet is sent via express mail, facsimile or email as instructed by the pet owner. People who have seen the posters will notify Pet Amber Alert via their website or hotline if they found or sighted the animal concerned.

As a member of the highly trusted TRUSTe and a verified certificate holder of the same, Pet Amber Alert is not a scam. Its purpose and objective is help you find your lost pet and with that, comes their integrity to assist you in their utmost ability.

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