22 February 2010

Movies and Me

Oh, I don't know what title to give this post. It's just that for the past week while I was having my much awaited vacation leave, I was also sick and in bed. During that time, I must have watched a dozen of movies I never dare to watch on the big screen.

Imagine being sick for almost a week? Boring right and utmost back-wrenching! So, I did the unimaginable. I watched and watched until I fall asleep or the medicine kicked in, which ever came first to knock me off.

I never thought I would enjoy the time spent at home watching movie and just lying in bed doing that. So what if the laundry piled up; the dirty dishes reached the ceiling and my back almost form part of the bed cushion? I was having a fun time while blowing my nose and coughing like a mad dog!

Tuh-tah for now. I am going to watch Julie and Julia and that's going to be very nice because it's about blogging and cooking! What a treat, though I don't like cooking but I like Meryl Streep and Amy Adams!


  1. Hi, Ria, I hope you are feeling better this time. Take better care. Enjoy watching movies. ",)

  2. Thanks Joji. I am better now.


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