05 February 2010

Not Going

I have been planning for another trip to the US since last November 2009. Due to unforeseen events, I had to cancel the trip for the last quarter of 2009. Come January, 2010, we planned to travel on the 2nd week of the same month but my passport got wet so we had to postpone to a later date until I get my new passport. Now that I have my new passport and ready to go next week, my relatives in the US requested if we could postpone it again to a later date because they are going through rough times in their personal lives.

So there, I am taking heed of the signs. This is the 3rd time my US trip got cancelled and that is it. I am not going there for the meantime.

I just hope everything goes well with my relatives there.

The LORD does speak to me in many ways and various forms. I shall listen.

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