28 February 2010

Two Earthquakes

Haiti has not fully recovered yet and another catastrophe has hit the world. Japan was hit by an earthquake on 26 February, 2010. It registered with a magnitude of 6.9 in the Richter Scale. The news is still hot when another quake hit Chile yesterday, 27 February and it registered 8.8. in the RS. Reports indicate that plenty of people perished in the Chilean earthquake.

I am not a harbinger of bad news but the signs are everywhere such as weather disturbances, political unrest, and economic downturn.

Let's all offer our prayers to the people of Japan and Chile. Tsunami alert has been raised on countries lying on the Pacific region. Please take heed.

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  1. Oo nga sunud-sunod na, it's getting really scary. Let's all pray for the victims.

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