18 February 2010

Who Loves Math?

Raise your hand if you do! I really admire those whose minds work like a clock when it comes to solving Math problems. My dilemma started when my daughter commenced learning pre-algebra on her 6th Grade. Algebra? Nooooo! That was my immediate response while having palpitations and tiny beads of sweat trickle on my forehead. Ask me in Physics, Chemistry and even Biology but not in MATH???

I am not really poor in Math, it's just that, most typical people who are good in arts, crafts and the languages, my other half of the brain finds it hard to process figures. I am bad at figures (even my "figure" is bad...harhaarharr! No pun intended...smile!). I actually have high grades in Math but am very slow when it comes to solving problems. I remember submitting my test papers while my other classmates have long left the school. My teacher had to plead for me to submit my papers whether I was finished or not. Of course I would not budge. It was my grade at stake not hers or anyone. I just had to give her that "puppy look" which amazingly, always get my teachers off guard and next time they knew it, they were reluctantly waiting for me to complete my test.

To my surprise, I always ace my exams and even got 97 in Trigonometry! How did that happen? I have no clue.

So now, I am wracking my head again because of my daughter. I have to scour the internet and libraries for references on solving math problems.

I thought I was already done with all these things. Here I am again, faced with the same math problems I dreaded many, many moons ago. Sigh...

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