13 March 2010


It seems like yesterday when I posted my "feelings" about turning 37. Now, I am turning 38 in few days time.

I can't honestly say that I am looking forward to it because that leaves me 2 years to go before I join the "Over the Hill" club. Not what I imagined but it is inevitable. I know, like I always say over and over again, age is just a number. However, that number seems to be going up really fast. Last time I checked, I was writing 37 on the space provided for age whenever I fill up forms. Well, I know I cannot dodge growing old this time. So, let the good times roll!!!

It can't be that bad. At least, I am another year wiser and more graceful as I age. I can see strands of silver hair popping from my scalp. I can feel the fine "laugh" lines of my face which reminds me of the guffaws I shared with my family and friends. Oh, don't forget the expanding waist line which seems to compete with my age. LOL! Ah, do not dismiss the fact that my fingers are starting to hurt during cold season and my joints squeak every opportunity they get. Also, the problem with the monthly periods is another issue to think of. It leaves me guessing whether I will have it or not. Whatever! That's all I can say.

Yes, I will be 38 in due time. I will probably be crankier than ever (seriously, sometimes I am Mrs. Oscar the Grouch!), more homebody, will avoid parties as much as I can and will surely enjoy more quality time spent with my family and close friends.

Sigh, this is it. I will be 38! Still thankful for another worthy year of a good life and blessings.

Happy Birthday to me!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I am a new visitor, I found your blog through Helth Nut Wanna Be Mom. Looks like lots of fun reading!


  2. again, again, again.

    happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! mwah! luv ya!

  3. Happy happy birthday sis!! Wish you all the best :)

  4. i have a little sumthin' sumthin' for you pala ;)


  5. woah! 38 and still young at heart!!! happy birthday to you!!! i may not know you but still you are my co blogger and I am happy to celebrate with ou here in blogosphere!!! (read this in nikko's site) Again!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!!!!!

  6. happy birthday to you.

    happy birthday to you...

    happy birthday

    happy birthday

    happy birthday to you!! :)

    its time to party.



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