25 March 2010

Art Attack - Handmade Baby Album

My creativity strikes at random times. I did this baby album for a good friend as a going-away gift to her. She was not leaving Dubai but her baby was. Well, there are circumstances we cannot control so we have to make great sacrifices. Sending your beloved child is one the sacrifices we, expats, have to make sometimes for the good of everyone.

So, to cheer her up and to give her a chance to remember the happy times, I made this baby album for her. It took me roughly 3 hours to complete the whole thing. I used card board from used boxes and cut them. The edge of each page had been shaped after the word B-A-B-Y. Each page has various pictures of the whole family with James (the inspiration of this whole special project). I used my 3-D stickers and some self-made tags to embellish the pages. I also used patterned papers to cover the card base. I used plenty of left-over ribbons from my stash. I tied a small "boy cap" as a charm on the album rings.

It was so difficult to attach the rings onto the pages. I did all these manually because I did not have any special die-cutter nor a heavy duty paper slicer. My hands ached so bad the next day. However, seeing the happy face from my friend when she saw the album made it all worth the time and effort.

Here's the end-product of my love for a friend:


  1. You are such a great friend with so much love and affection for your friend. Your friend is so blessed to have you......These are very nice.....I wish I have the patience like you have.

  2. Thanks Bingkee. Sometimes, it's those little things that you do for a friend that makes a whole lot of difference :)


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