20 March 2010

Cutting Back on Phone Bills

Having a telephone at home was a necessity because of emergency reasons and faster way of communicating. Unfortunately, some people at home misused and abused the freedom given to an open line. I have had the unfortunate experience with landlines and cellular phones and the exorbitant bills which came with the plans. There were limited choices on best cell phone plans or landlines for the consumers before. I ended up paying more than what I could afford. I barely even used the phone. Apart from that, there was the problem with the fixed cell phone plans where we had to pay a certain amount as monthly fee whether we used the phone frequently or not. That was very limiting and somehow disappointing.

That was several years ago when telecommunication companies had no good plans to offer. However, the changes happening these days on the telecommunications industries have given enough choices for the consumer.

There are various plans available now. The telecommunication companies here offer very minimal monthly fee for a Blackberry phone or similar smart phone complete with hi-tech features like wi-fi, video-conference set-up, 3G, unlimited text, very low call charges and push-mails for the business minded and people on the go. Other telecommunications companies in other countries have reduced their rates as well like Sprint. Offers like the ones I have mentioned about smart features are also available.

It is really great to know that the choices are vast and the fees are now lowered with the added features of the latest in technology in the world of telecommunications.

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