25 November 2010

Eyes Glaze Over

Did you know that when your "eyes glaze over" they become glassy and you tend to lack vision? Those are happening to me right now.

I have been checking manuals for the past year now. These manuals are not just 100 pages - more than that!

I thought the phrase "eyes glaze over" would never be applicable to me because I was always on my toes at work. I had plenty of things to do that sometimes I wished there were more time to complete my tasks. However, we had resignations here and there and I had to "catch" the workload of whoever left.

So there, my eyes glaze over as I check the manuals for any formatting mishaps, wrong grammar and any discrepancies I can spot. I feel like I am in a limbo. Everything is just automatic and they start to look the same to me now. I wonder how long I can carry on with this? Hmmmmm….

Can somebody please poke me before I fall asleep... Oh, by the way, this darn jet lag is making it worse!

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