04 March 2010

Girls Talk - Figure! Figure! Figure!!!

I am so relieved that February GT is over. However, my sigh of relief turned to a manic palpitation when I checked sister Niko's March GT theme. I hope she won't mind if I dodge this one as I prefer to keep my vital stats under wraps especially when I am on my quest to lose substantial amount of weight. Yes, when I say substantial, I mean big, enormous figure.

As far as sharing is concerned, I will just give few:

AGE: I am turning 38 this March.
HEIGHT: Barely there! Hahahaha!!!! Let's just say, I am "pocket-sized" for your convenience.

So, in keeping with the faith of regularly posting GT topics even when I skipped February because I didn't have anything special cut out for me for Valentine's Day to share; I am posting this dodgy GT. ;) Peace!


  1. hmp! hihi. pamysterious pa ang figure. pero promise mo sis pag naachieve mo na yung goal mo post ka ng vital stats ha? with pics din shempre! woohoo!

  2. OO nga, need ng picture kapag na rach na ang goal na perfect weight for a perfect sized lady. Ako nga, ni reveal ko ang aking nakaka tacute na figure, just for fun..


  3. Uy ang daya mo sis!! Hehhehe

    off topic: kailan you uwi? Ako uwi na me for good sa June, uwi ka rin kitakits tayo lahat :)

  4. waaaaah.masekreto!! sige email mo na lng sissy!! :)

    anyways, thanks for always present sa GT ha.. love u!! mwah mwah

    ready knb sa nxt week?? show some flesh! prepare ka na alam ko lol hahahah

    tc lagi!!

  5. Naku mga sisters, thanks sa "udyok" pero I will not reveal the secret. Nyahahaha... ibitin nyo na lng ako ng patiwarik ;) Pero next week's theme, game ako kasi ang ipo-post ko yung slim, trim and healthy ME na picture ko many, many moons ago. Yun ang target ko - to get that slim body back...wish me luck!

  6. It is okay to keep that info for yourself only if you don't feel comfortable about giving it out :) Tons of good luck on your quest! U can do it! <3

  7. Thanks LingLing. I do like to keep it under wraps and not to blow the cover until I get the desired weight i wanted. I know it will take a full year to do that but like they say...slowly but surely!


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