11 March 2010

Girls Talk - In the Flesh

This time I won't mind showing my "slim" figure wearing shorts.

I am aiming to get that body back! No stopping on what it takes to be slim, trim and healthy again.

I wonder what my other blogging sis posted. Head to Niko's blog to find that out.


  1. hmm.. i want more sisteroo! haha! ang cute ng smile mo dito! yun plng sexy na! naks ;)

    Mine is up too! It's here

  2. very slim nga and those legs, so sexy and makinis.

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    Mom’s Ups and Downs

  3. Teka nasan ang flesh? parang wala akong nakita, tuhod at braso lang nakita ko..hehehe. Nag iba na ba ang iyong figure now? oh well, bayaan mo lang, babalik din ang iyong curve.


  4. you're slim naman y diet pa? share some tips naman sis. im trying to loose some weight, hehe

  5. naku, kelan kaya tayo papayat sis, LOL sana malapit na.

  6. ihhhh ang flawless nmn ng legs at braso.. hmmmm ur smile so so seductive ha witwiw!!

    i shall see u on thursday hehehe. i know u are soo ready :) ihhh

    tc lagi! mwah

  7. no need to diet naman sis.. you're sexy.. i know kahit ika nga ni ate liz eh tuhod at braso lang kita.. hehehe...

  8. Thanks lovely sisterettes ;) FYI lng po, this is a very, very old picture. The curves are no longer where they were supposed to be...LOL! Kita-kita ulit tayo this Thursday for another revelation in Niko's very intriguing topic of GT... Hugs to all!!!


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