18 March 2010

Girls Talk - My Favorite Part

Thanks to JLo (a.k.a. Jennifer Lopez!) for putting the "round derriere" on the pedestal. I hate to admit it but I have a JLo butt. I suppose that is the most sexy part of my body. Most of my friends' rear are flat so they envy my round one. I keep telling them, chop them off and I will still have a round butt leftover...LOL!

(Skinny me with a not-so-skinny bum...hehehehe!)

I used to get very conscious of my well-formed tushy but it is genetic. My mom and other relatives have round bums. Also, when other people try so hard to inject "fat" on their behind to make it round, I try my best to conceal it by wearing loose trousers. However, my mom and friends (and even my hubby!) told me to embrace my full figure because girls will do anything to have a bum like mine. Either it is a compliment or a command, I don't know about that. I think they are right. God gave me this round bum and I should be thankful.


  1. whoa! penge konti!!! eheheheh =) thnks for dropping by =)

  2. sexy kaya ng may round butt! pwede din ba ako umamot ng konti? hehe

  3. ooh, talagang kitang kita ang behind mo sis, kahit nakatagilid ka lang. LOL. thanks for the visit.

    My contest will be ending soon, join ka na sis,


    and will be back to you again re: your pledge!

    mwahness. Belated happy birthday too.

  4. Naku mga sis...magpapa-sale ako nyan. Buy 1-take 1 pa...hahaha. Especially now that I gained weight. You could just imagine the roundness :)

    Thanks for dropping by. Hugs to all!

  5. J LO but! Couldn't get any more sexier than that ;) *thumbs up*

    Can find my entry at: http://therealityiaccept.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-am-too-sexy-for-you.html

  6. wow, galing naman...seksi ng pwet eh...buti ka pa; ako flat eh :-)

  7. ay oo naman sistah!!! embrace and love it! naku.. kung ako lang eh may ganyang bumbum.. eh goodluck sa mga girls dyan.. bwahaha!!!

  8. oist j lo!! bahaginan mo naman kmi!!! hihihi

  9. you should be thankful... you're so lucky to have a nice and beautiful butt, kung pwedi nga lang pamigay no lol..


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