20 March 2010

Tribute to my Blogging Friends

Who said blogging is just a mere activity where you sit and warm your chair for hours on end? Nope, not me! It is more than that. Believe me...

I am writing this as a tribute to all my blogging sis and bros I have met through the blogosphere since I started more than 2 years ago.

I never thought I can find immense joy in writing and getting to know other bloggers out there. Little did I know that leaving comments would actually forge friendships.

I am very happy and truly honored to meet all of you (you all know who you are!) who have made my life more colorful, meaningful and exciting. I have extended my family far and wide to include my blogging friends all over the world.

Thank you. You all have made a difference in my life.

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  1. hi sis, just want to inform you that i will be picking up the winner of my blogging contest next saturday. Super extended na sya. LOL. Join too if you have time.

    pa send narin po ng pledge mo in this paypal account - babiesandcontests@gmail.com

    thanks much. Take care always.


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