02 March 2010

Weather Mayhem

These past few days have been very odd here in Dubai where the climate is perennially sunny. We do have short winter season but that happens only from mid-December to early March. Then the onset of summer is felt. However, that was not the case this time. We barely felt winter. I think it didn't even come! The previous years were pretty cold that one would require layered clothing to keep warm. This season was a different case. I didn't get to wear my winter clothing at all.

It's been raining lately with thunder, lightning, gust of strong winds…the works. We have received weather advisory yesterday to take precautions while driving and going about town because of the slippery roads, puddles and bad drainage. Last Saturday, the rain was terrible and I was awaken by the "howling" wind. You could imagine it was that loud considering I am a "deep sleeper." It sounded so creepy and tapped on our window. It was like a scene from a thriller movie but it was real.

It rained again last night and early morning today. I didn't sleep too well due to the "lightning show" reflecting from our window. It's like watching a photo shoot! As usual, most roads are flooded again due to lack of a good drainage system. Inconsiderate people are still driving hazardously on a condition like this. Oh boy!

I wonder what's happening to the weather.


  1. Weather is always weird.....when we have too much here, you have less of the cold there. Don't look for the kind of cold we're having---it's friggin' bitter.

  2. LOL! We'd love few moments of "cold" in this freakishly hot part of the world ;)


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