17 April 2010

Battle of the Pads

This is not your ordinary pad paper competition over which one is thicker, smoother, more eco-friendly and carries more pages of endless writing fun. Nope! Not that kind of pad.

Recently, Apple launched (with bated breath) the iPad with a slightly hefty price tag. I think the features out-weighs the price anyway. Imagine carrying a net book without the keyboard part. Isn't that a cool thing and very convenient?

A German company recently released the "WePad" to rival the iPad. It is also in a tablet form but with bigger screen than the iPad. The specs for this WePad is promising as it has SD card slot, 16 GB and 32 GB memory, can play flash, powered by Intel and has Linux software. Also, Neofonie GmbH, the company behind the "iPad-killer" also claims that the WePad does not require any special software if you want to put your music in. Well, that will hurt Apple's iPad because you have to install iTunes to get your music in your device.

I can't wait to see the ending of this tech battle. Let the duel begin!

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