03 April 2010

Beauty 101 - Clean Skin

I had my fair share with blemishes while growing up. I remember my mom telling me very often to always wash my face in the morning and before sleeping at night. My mom was very picky with the kind of soap I use for my face. She bought me phisoderm soap to use. The soap was very gentle to my skin and does not leave it dry or chapped. Unlike other soaps I have used before, this soap has balanced pH which works well with dry, oily or combination skin.

Always keep your face clean and fresh every morning and evening. We cannot avoid getting blemishes or breakouts because these all depend on our diet and genes. However, we can always prevent the breakout of unsightly blemishes if we keep our face clean. Eat healthily and do regular exercises as the latter aids in removing toxins in our system through sweating. Also, drink plenty of fresh fruit juices and water.

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