29 April 2010

Careful, Careful, Careful

We must all be cautious with the kind of activities we engage in. One of my friend loves sand bashing using the dirt bike. She also loves doing other extreme sports. She can be very daring and careless at times so we are very concerned. We understand her desire to live life to the fullest but we also believe that it is wise not live life in reckless abandon. Nothing wrong with having fun here and there but know the limits too.

One time, one of the more vocal friend of ours voiced her opinion by suggesting a universal life insurance quotes for her to check out. Her reason was, since she loved to engage on daring activities and spiking her adrenalin, it was just a smart move to have herself covered if things turn out bad.

We got her point. Our daring friend got the message too. I wonder when she will buy an insurance though.

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