09 April 2010

The Case of the Failing Weight Loss

If Benjamin Button has his case, I have mine. And no, I am not going through a weird stage of physiological changes but my weight loss plan is gravely affected. I am beginning to realize why my plan to lose weight is not moving an inch because I lack the determination. Classic example is today. Last night, I set my alarm clock to 6 a.m. so I could run on the park. I did wake up and washed my face and brushed my teeth and set my running shoes. Then I sat on the bed and told myself I'd just have another minute. Next thing I knew it, I was deep asleep again. So I ended up "jogging" in my dreams.

I seem to lack focus on that goal. I can't figure out why. I keep envisioning myself slim and trim but my will does the opposite. I keep munching junk food, sleep late, sit a lot in front of the laptop, barely lifts a finger to exercise except for few jumping jack sessions everyday. As for my running, the once regular activity I do has become a sideline only when I have the time.

Seriously, this is not the way to lose weight. I am losing track here. Somebody better snap me out of this! And that somebody is ME!!!

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  1. Hi ria, thanks for the complement you gave me about my setting the table. Yeah, I like making things special though in simple ways. About your weight loss goal, "make those muscles do the job. burn, burn fats" that's the phrases I always instill in my mind. I also gave a health lecture and weight loss advice to my husband coz he has the same problem. I told him if you are trying to loss weight by cutting the calories in your food, that's good but not good enough. Your stomach doesn't have powerful muscles to burn fats in your body. Use those triceps, biceps, trapezoid, gastrocnemious muscles you got! You're a man! Those will really burn your fats! For me as a woman and a breastfeeding mother, I easily loss my fats because I have a powerful muscle called uterus. It contracts while I'm breastfeeding, from 158 minus 8.5 lbs after my baby's birth loss 149.5 lbs, I'm still big and now it has been 10 months after birth, I am 119 lbs. Quite a loss isn't it? But I like breastfeeding and I go out gardening. My muscle sore but I still work them out through walking and keeping myself busy. They helped losing fats. I eat a lot though. Hehehe, this is too long for me to share already but just some few advicethat hopes to help you. Keep those muscles working and they'll burn fats!


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