11 April 2010

Cutting Back on Calories

I started my "experiment" today by cutting back on my calorie intake. I seriously don't know how to do this. I bought a kitchen scale and have been reading food labels before I purchase. I checked my BMI and it is not even bordering normal for my age, height and weight. Drat! I am overweight by #@ much. OVERWEIGHT!!!

I remember just being 48 kilos pre-pregnancy. I gained few pounds and went back to size 00 after giving birth. Goodness, that was 12 years ago. I started to gain weight when I hit 35 and it was never the same again.

I hope that by cutting back on my calorie intake spur my weight loss goal. It is really hard but I have to keep fit. I can only consume 1200 calories in a day and have to stay active. Let's see about that.


  1. Hi Sis,

    Ako rin e no matter how much I try to limit my calorie intake, wala di kaya talaga. Ang bigat ko na rin ngayun ...

  2. I wish you success in your fitness plan. You sure can make it with a disciplined mind. You know, all it takes is being receptive to your stomach --when it's full, stop. I also urge you to stay active ----if you can run a kilometer a day or if not , go to the gym. I can lose weight by 5 lbs. just by going to the gym for 3 x a week for 2 weeks.
    So I know you can make it....please keep us updated.

  3. Enjoy walking outside sis, or biking or going to the gym. Patience and determination lang talaga. You will get to back your body fitness before. I know you can do it! :)


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