10 April 2010

Dog Training and Obedience

Having a dog has been very rewarding for us. My family has been great dog lovers ever since I can remember. I grew up having different kinds of breed of dogs for pets. We have the large ones (Akita, German shepherd, Labrador, Dalmatian, Boxer), medium-sized (Bichon Frise, Japanese Spitz) and even the small ones like our beloved mini-pinschers named Zsazsa and Dolphy. None of them were members of the dog training club. However, they were well mannered.

My mom trained our pets on her own. The dogs knew basic tricks like shaking paws, rolling-over, sit and stay and no bark just by giving them hand gestures. I was really amazed thinking about those tricks. I cannot help and wonder how our pets could have done more if they had been enrolled in dog training and obedience school.

Training your pets to obey you, behave and follow your lead and do their "business" where they are supposed to are all helpful in keeping that nurturing relationship between the master and the dog. It is imperative to teach your pets early on so they develop this bond to their master and other people in your circle. Not only that, going through the training with your pet can also enhance your friendship and you will discover more about your pets abilities when you are there.

A lot of dog training and obedience school gives dog training advice to new pet owners or even to those who have pets for some time. I am sure, if these obedience school were present in our neighborhood when we had those loving pets, my mom would enlist our dogs.

They are all gone now. We still remember them and their individual uniqueness. If I had to go through having them back as pets, I would definitely enlist them to dog training and obedience school. It is the least I can do for the love they give to their human best friends.

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