19 April 2010

Fair Weather Friend

I am beginning to wonder who are my true friends and who are the fair weather ones. I am a bit choosy with friends and establishing close ties with someone takes a while to develop. I value friendship so much that when a person becomes my friend, he/she becomes a part of my family and life.

It hurts me when someone I consider as a good friend decides to do something immature, say, removing me from his/her friends' list in Facebook. To think I haven't done nor said anything wrong to that person is rather perplexing. As a matter of fact, I have always justified his/her misdemeanors and requested every one's understanding. And how is my sincerity repaid? Cutting me of his/her circulation!

Well, I have come to know today when a common friend told me some good news about this fair weather friend. I thought I should know that information too being his/her buddy. Lo and behold, I checked my friends' list and he/she was not there anymore. I don't recall removing anyone from my friends' list unless they removed me first.

I don't want to stress myself by wondering what the heck went through this fellow's head and decided to remove me. It is not my loss. Good bye and good riddance then ;)


  1. Aww, sounds like you are really sad about missing a friend like that. Oh well, just keep on smiling sis, you still have many friends even though they're just around the corner. Have a wonderful Monday! BTW, I got you linked in the "Blogs I read".

  2. Cheer up, Ria! You're better off without fake friends, anyway.


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