20 April 2010

Fitness Equipment

The residential building where I live has a small gym at the lobby. It is free for all the tenants of the building. I go there at least twice a week to run on the treadmill and use the stepper for my cardio routine. There are other fitness equipment there which I am not familiar. I need more Information on Exercise Equipment. So, I just stick to the common ones that I know, like the stationary bike, Tunturi treadmill and rowing machine.

I have no plans of bulking up so I do not use the dumbbells and other weight-lifting machine in the gym. The other machine look so complex and mind boggling so I leave those fitness equipment to the experts to use.

The mini-gym in our building pales in comparison to the other gyms I have been to so far. I have gone to Fitness First and Body and Soul here in Dubai. I was just a member's guest in Fitness First but I was so impressed with their equipment. They were all high-tech and serious-looking like they really meant business! Then in Body and Soul, I was a gym member for 2 years. Their fitness equipment were more simple. They also had Tunturi elliptical machine, rowing machine, body-building machine and steppers. However, their fitness equipment were more easy to operate.

I am thankful though that at least, our building provides healthy alternative to busy people's lifestyle by allocating a small gym.

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