07 April 2010

Giddy Headed Goat

This phrase is commonly used for people who act silly or do foolish things or even giggle for no apparent reason. Well, I am one giddy headed goat not because I act silly or do foolish things but I am always giggling. I am always reprimanded in the office for laughing on almost anything trivial. My response is a resounding "SO!"

Just because I choose to be jovial does not mean I am silly nor foolish. My philosophy in life is to laugh because the world will laugh with me. I choose to be happy most of the time because life's too short to keep worrying about mundane things. Sometimes I am guilty of the latter but I try my best to be happy and think happy thoughts. There is just too many negative things happening now around us. So, why add to the statistic?

Oftentimes, I am told that the people around me do not take me seriously because of my happy-natured disposition. I could care less! That's their problem now if they take me seriously or not. Just because I laugh all the time does not mean I don't get things done. As a matter of fact, I can laugh and work at the same time. However, when I do give orders at work even if I have a smile registered on my face, they must know I mean business. It is not my problem anymore if they mess things up just because "they thought I was not serious." So much for assuming, huh? Besides, I don't like walking around with a stern look on the face just like most of the honchos are. I want my aura to be bright and cheerful. Ergo, I choose to be giddy.

So, I am not bothered when people chide me for being giddy. That's me! I am happy! Deal with it!

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