01 April 2010

Girls Talk - Comfort Food

I thought the previous month's GT theme would never end. Too much revelation, I tell yah! ;)

Anyway, here's another revelation but this time it's on the palatable side. I'm not really sure how to define comfort food. Is it a weakness that make you hungry for more? Or is it the food you chow down when you're upset or stress-eating???

So, to clarify that, I am posting the 'comfort food' I define as something that makes me weak in the knees - chocolate cake! I just love chocolate cake specially the moist and spongy ones. I am not a chocolate bar lover per se but when it comes to chocolate cakes, I am a major fan. Yum!


  1. chocolate cake is one sweet food i can't say no to, kahit na nga diabetes ako...sige pa rin kain basta may roon sa lamesa namin :-) or sa bday party kaya!

  2. apir sa chocolate cake sis!!! gusto ko rin yan.. any other cake di ko feel hihihih.

    miss u at GT ayaw mo na ng too much revelation?? ako nag i enjoy hahahah :D

    happy easter ha!


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