07 April 2010

Girls Talk - Fave Chips

I am not a big lover of chips or junk food. I do eat once in a while when the craving for weird taste strikes. I do have a particular chips that I always buy when this craving strikes - Pringles Sour Cream and Onion (the green one). I just love the taste. I really don't care whether the taste and smell linger longer than usual even after you brush. It's my fave!

If you want to see what my other blogging sisters' favorite "sinful treats", head to Niko's blog and find out.

Bugger! Now I feel like eating chips!!!


  1. i like pringles and nova hehe... ^^ pero di ako masyado nagjajunk foods because i tried urinating small crystals in red...hehe....trauma nako..kaya miminsan na lang patikim tikim..dahil daw kasi un sa taas ng uric acid caused by too much soft drinks and junk foods hehe... ^^

  2. Pringles lover ka rin pala! :)

  3. Hi Sis, I like pringles too. The way I eat it is by trying to melt it in my mouth(because it has thin layers) and suck out the sour cream flavor. Hehehe, anyway, junkfood does harm our health. I have one friend who just love to eat junkfood during her breakfast, lunch and dinner. The result, UTI and renal failure. She's still alive though. It's bad to our bladder and kinneys. So one has to be conscious when eating it. I just eat it, once in a while, Picnics and movies.

  4. nice choice of junk food :-)!

  5. mas paborito ko yung RED (parang ferrari este sports car, gusto ko yung RED) ehehe

  6. sis, kapatid ba kta?? our taste buds are the same!!! hihih ;) love sour cream and onion.. and i shld include pringles na sana sa post ko hihih

    got your comment :) baket di ka sama ke hub sis?? :) id like to meet you na eh hihihih

    ingat lagi ah! mwha mwah

  7. pringles is a favorite this week! :d


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