15 April 2010

Girls Talk - Posh Meal

I am certainly not a food connoisseur so I don't actually know if I am eating an expensive food or not. If I get to see the price on a menu, only then I can tell that it is expensive.

I do not dine much on fancy restaurants. Probably on few occasions when friends invite us for lunch or dinner. I think the most expensive food I have ever eaten is the caviar and lobster thermidor. I ate the caviar when I was upgraded to business class sometime back on my trip to the Philippines. The lobster thermidor was a treat from a friend.

I surely loved their taste. I just hope somebody treats me again next time ;)

Hop on to Niko's blog and find out what posh meals our other blogging sisters have eaten in the past.


  1. I know caviar is an expensive food but I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it, but with Lobster,I'll be singing a different tune. :D

  2. My husband and I love dining out and once in a while, we go out to fancy restaurants. Lobster is one of our favorites.

  3. susyalen naman.. caviar!! sarap bigkasin ng paulit ulit hihih :) anu lasa sis?? paki explain dali pra lalo ako maglaway dito hihih

    thanks for joining GT ha!!

    happy weekend! mwah mwah

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  4. omg caviar? havent tasted it yet but i know it's one of the most expensive foods in the world.. have a nice weekend =)

  5. I thought I'd never be able to swallow a caviar knowing they are fish eggs. Surprisingly, it does not have the "salty, ocean-like smell" taste at all. It actually tasted so good and goes well with wine (not sure which color hehehehe) and those teeny-tiny bread, again, I forgot the name.

    Masarap, in fairness :)


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