05 April 2010

The Learning Curve

Learning is a continuous process. One does not stop acquiring information as soon as he or she leaves the fine corners of the academy. The longer one stays in school, the more he or she acquires knowledge and skills.

It is vital for an individual to continue learning new skills and gather information on various fields of discipline. The school is a great place to acquire these knowledge and to use those accordingly. Individuals who are able to go back to school again even after finishing a degree are really privileged. Not all get that second chance to gain a different knowledge and perspective on various fields. Some are willing to go through the rigorous process of having plenty of quizzes and taking grammar quizzes, doing homework, completing projects and most importantly, gathering data for the thesis.

The further studies after the university stint are called Masters degree and the one after that is the Doctorate. There are a multitude of courses offered for higher education. Not long ago, there were few courses to choose from. The present academic curriculum includes test software courses in the field of Computer Science. There are continuing courses in the field of Health Care and Nursing. Further studies can be taken as well for Social Science and Education. Unlike before where the only choice was between a Master in Business Administration, Psychology or Philosophy.

The learning process is indeed a never ending cycle. One must aim to keep the stream of information flowing.

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  1. Yea, that's what you call life long learning, isn't it? If you say you are finished studying, you are not educated but finished! :-)

    Thanks for the visit and Easter greeting which of course I return with a hug.

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