27 April 2010

Nail Clipping and Millie

It is such an arduous task to clip our Millie's nails. Giving her bath is a different story. I have tried to put muzzle on her and she still wigged her way out of it. I tried bribing her with treats she loved. She ended up running away with the loot and left me at her trail.

I tried to clip her again yesterday. My approach was different. I hugged her first and showed the clipper to her. She ran straight to her bed. I approached her and let her smelled the clipper. She was hesitant at first but I tried again. I did not shove the clipper to her face, just showed it to her few inches away from her probing nose. Then, I held her paw lightly while assuring her that it would not hurt and I would just clip one nail. I looked like a loony talking to her but she seemed to not mind. I think, she was even enjoying the extra attention. She did not pull her paw this time and amazingly, she allowed me to clip, not just one, but 3 nails!!! Yey!

I have finally found the move to use to clip her. I hope she will cooperate again tomorrow. I still have more nails to clip.

Do you have tips on how to successfully clip your dog's nails? If so, I won't mind some pointers :)

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  1. Thank GOd this is done but this is interesting :)


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